We are
Built on Purpose
Human Ventures is a business creation platform.
We go beyond the business model to build and invest in Model Businesses with ambitious founders who are innovating around Human Needs. By unlocking access to a powerful network of founders, investors and corporate partners, we are creating a blueprint for the future of business to be built on purpose.

Our Business Creation Platform

The next wave of venture capital is more than just investing, it's business creation.
Our collaborative platform has three components.

We believe Model Businesses are built around three core principles

  • 01

    Solving a real Human problem

    Successful companies need to deliver products that are 'need to haves', not just 'nice to haves'.

  • 02

    Unit Economics that scale

    Every business needs a clear path to profitability, enabling responsible growth and leading to financing options beyond just venture capital.

  • 03

    Deep sense of responsibility

    Businesses should deliver value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders, taking care of employees, vendors, and customers alike.

Human VenturesBuilt on Purpose