Our Team

Behind our Human companies, we’ve got a Human team—one made up of people with diverse experiences, passions, and expertise. Together, we’re working to turn passions into products, to turn concepts into companies, and to turn innovators into incredible co-founders.

Catherine Henry
Head of Platform
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Chelsea Boyes
Head of Accounting
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Elise King
Program Director
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Evan Cohen
Operating Partner
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Hailey Catucci
Operations Associate
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Heather Hartnett
General Partner, CEO
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Jesse Morris
General Partner
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Joe Marchese
Executive Chairman
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Laura Van Wettering
Executive Assistant
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Michael Letta
General Partner, COO
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Michael Jurek
Director of Finance
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Featured Network

Our team is small.
Our network is powerful.

As our name suggests, we believe in the power of Human connections. So we rely on an extensive, ever‑growing network of experts and talent to give our founding teams all the support they need.

Our network includes dozens of the nation’s most coveted investors, most brilliant entrepreneurs, and most knowledgeable industry experts. Some have decades of experience, others bring fresh perspectives. Together, they help open doors and tackle tough problems. So no matter what challenges our founding teams face, our network will be there to pitch in.

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Troy Carter
Founder & CEO of Atom Factory
Beth Comstock
Vice Chair at GE
Rich Greenfield
Managing Director at BTIG
Bert Jacobs
Co-Founder & CEO of Life is Good
Mich Mathews Spradlin
Former CMO at Microsoft
Howard Morgan
Founding Partner of First Round Capital
Shari Redstone
Co-Founder of Advancit Capital
Alexia Tsotsis
Former Co-Editor of TechCrunch
Hunter Walk
Partner at Homebrew
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